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Dave Demuth

Creative Problem Solver

I am the founder of Evad Design. I’ve been creating websites ever since Geocities started with Yahoo. Hey, it was free and it’s how I got my start. That’s probably when I developed the passion for REAL custom web design. It was limited as to what I could do. That’s when I started designing sites and hand coding them in a text editor. Talk about learning through trial and error.

Short Bio

Web Design started for me when I was playing around on the internet as kid. I took my first design class as a senior in high school. I went on to college at RIT, played lacrosse, and graduated with a degree in New Media. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time as all these social platforms started to emerge. I was starting to design more for friends and family and began doing business as Evad Design.

When I was able to relocate to Carlsbad, it was clear this was a great location for Evad. The business pluses are great, but it’s the small community feel that I like. Village by the Sea, right? I’ve continued to follow my love for lacrosse and have been fortunate to coach lacrosse at Carlsbad High School and give back to younger players learning to play.


Outside of my design passion, I thrive on adventures, traveling and being outdoors. Hiking, camping, and mountain climbing are a few favorite activities. It always nice to step outside of the daily routine get away, and re-center your focus sometimes. Recently, moving to San Diego, I’ve taking up surfing and now have a little crush on it. You can probably find me at Terra Mar or Ponto. Nothing like taking a cold dip in the Pacific to surf and refresh.

One Last Note

On the topic of design and user experience, I encourage you to think about why doors have ‘pull’ handles on the them when they are made to open out. Frustrating..and embarrassing, I know. It’s time to start creating designs where users don’t have to think. I’m starting with web design.

Evad Design News

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