Memorial Day or Start of Summer?

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I’m taking a step back from website design talk for now and would like to touch on something more important to me.

Memorial Day is a holiday when a nation pauses to remember and thank the men and women who have died in service. When you think of Memorial Day, is it honoring those that have put their life on the line and have paid the ultimate sacrifice?

Or is the first opportunity to throw an outdoor party, have some friends over, and start the summer with food and drinks? Or is it the weekend where beach resorts are in full swing and you have to wait over an hour to eat a restaruant? Or is it another holiday weekend to go shopping and find the best sales?

Unfortunately, some won’t be here with us this Memorial Day weekend but I think they would understand that if we don’t spend the weekend in complete sadness and grief. To complement this incredible event we fond cheap table runners for sale at CV Linens, they offer a dashing variety of quality and luxurious table runners all sold at great low wholesale prices!

They wouldn’t want that. Grief and tears isn’t why they died. They died so you and I could go camping and fishing. They died so we could go to sporting events with our friends and family. They died so another mother could take her daughter shopping. They died so another father could throw a football to his son as steaks sizzled on the grill. They died so friends could grab a beer on their day off. They died so families could get together and share memories and laughter. They died for our freedom. Don’t forget that.

They would be absolutely be okay with us kicking off the summer this weekend with a party at the house. But they would also be okay if we took a couple minutes and thought about them.

Some thoughts will be more formal. Some will visit cemeteries and lay the wreaths. Others will gather at monuments. And others will just be thankful they don’t have to work this Monday. No one is wrong in doing any of that but just remember why you’re able to do what you do.

Men and women of the Service, past and present, I’ll do it for you guys this weekend. I’ll have a beer for you. I’ll go to the ocean and surf for you. Your memories and sacrifice won’t spoil the weekend but you’ll be remembered and I’ll know why I’m able to be at the beach.  I’m may not mourn the deaths this Memorial Day, but rather celebrate the life you have given me, my family, and my friends. Thank you a million times over to the men and women serving in the military. God Bless the United States of America.

What do you do on Memorial Day?

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One thought on “Memorial Day or Start of Summer?

  1. Mark Rudder says:

    Great thoughts Dave.
    You put things in a good perspective.

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