Sharing Made Easy with Lino It

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Lino It - Online StickiesOk, it’s Fun Friday. One of the coolest sharing websites you don’t know about. Think post-it notes. Pretty simple, right? Now do it online. Share notes, list, pictures, websites, documents, agendas – you name it — You may consider install SodaPDF online, allows users to create PDFs from any popular file format. All on a website and accessible from anywhere – even your phone. I’m pretty impressed with the ease of use from registration to getting started  and then using it. Oh, here is the website that you need to check out:Lino It, found at Say hello to online stickies.

I was fortunate that Steve Snyder (@drattle), a friend of mine, brought this to my attention. I know that he uses it mainly for to-do lists. But there are a lot of other possibilities too. When you log-in, you can begin to set up your canvas. The canvas is where everything takes place. This is where you post your notes, lists, pictures, etc.

Cool Features

Lino It DashboardI’ve already mentioned the To-Do lists. You can set due dates on any of these notes or post-its. As a reminder, you’ll get an email in the morning outlining what is due for that day. Of course, to avoid inbox overload, this is an email setting you can switch off.

Share with others

You can invite others to see your canvas. And not only can they see it, they can add to it and edit it to share their thoughts. Recently, I’ve started collaborating with my brother over a new project. Lino It has been perfect to bounce ideas of each other and really allow both of us to be a part of the brainstorming process. I’ve even designed mockups and share screen shots on our shared canvas. It’s been perfect as a mini project management tool.

Ease of Use

Lino It LayoutI briefly mentioned how easy it was to set up and use. It behaves just as you’d expect. That’s why user interface and user experience are so important. Just make it simple! Just by clicking and dragging a sticky, you can move it anywhere on your canvas. The canvas by the way is much larger than your screen. You can quickly go anywhere on your canvas by dragging on the ‘overview’ panel. It also has a mini calendar to quickly view stickies that have a due date.


Free! Yep, free to use. Your allowed up to 10MB/sticky and 50MB per month. Unless you’re really uploading and sharing a lot of content, 50MB is still a good chunk of storage. Here is how the free and premium accounts compare:

Lino It Free and Premium Accounts
Lino It Free and Premium Accounts


I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and have been impressed with the ease of use. It’s filled a gap that I needed in collaborating with my brother on the other side of the country. It is viewable on the mobile phone, but only in the browser. Still waiting on that Android App! Other than that, I recommend you check it out and get on top of your organization. No more forgetting the milk at the grocery store. Or was that just me?

Have you tried this yet or anything else like it?

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