Why Fun Friday

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In an effort to get me writing and blogging more, Fun Friday will be about tech related products, services or games from www.slotzo.com that I enjoy and have found helpful I recommend to play prediksi hk poker online.  I’ve noticed that the nerd in me is usually ahead of the game and I’m usually first at trying or experimenting new gadgets in the tech world. The goal of Fun Friday is:

  1. Keep others aware of what’s out there and how it will benefit them
  2. Get me blogging more
  3. Spill my inner nerd and have fun writing on Friday’s
  4. Discuss health and fitness, my other passion


Overall, the goal of this blog is to show how businesses can improve their web presence and what they need to be doing to make that happen. So if I’m writing about something that doesn’t deal with web design then the goal of this blog fails, right? That’s probably accurate, however, Fun Friday will keep me honest with generating some great web design material. Plus, I’ll have some fun with it and keep you updated on some great nerd gadgets and services. I’m also a health oriented individual and am always checking out the latest news, tech, gear or equipment. There’s always new tips, diets to try, and other things that we can discuss on the topic. Check out this article I wrote at https://www.anipots.com, where they ask me to talk exclusively fitness and health. That should give you a little teaser of things to come. Hopefully we see you around!

Enough about my way of thinking. Check out the first Fun Friday post: iRunner Mobile App Game.

It’s Fun Friday! Have a great weekend. I guess I should leave you with one of the most talented individuals of our time.


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