Google Plus Cover Photo – New Dimensions & Template

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I always love to be on top of the latest trends in Google and SEO. Currently, I am learning about social signals on this Homepage as I am planning to mark my presence on social media. Google+ has made some major revisions to their social network! My other post on Google’s first transformation of the cover photo is now outdated.  The stream view has a new look, the photos section is redesigned and of course, the new Google Plus cover photo. I want to discuss a couple of the major changes to the cover photo dimensions and have provided a template as well!

About Google+ Cover Photo

Find something that tells visitors a story or gives a little insight about you and/or your brand. This is your first impression and can say a lot about your business. On you have a large space to show off your brand!

Cover Photo Size

Holy moly – a huge upgrade! This is the most significant visual difference. The height of the old cover photo size was 940px x 180px. While it was a nice upgrade at the time, the small height limited space for the brand or person and forced a horizontal layout. The new size is 2120 x 1192 pixels. The new cover photo size allows for greater flexibility to display images bigger and better. Bigger and better is what we all want, right?

Dynamic Re-size

The cover photos dynamically resize proportionately using 16×9 ratio to fit your screen resolution so you – or a visitor – will always see the cover photo, a preview of a person’s first post, circles, and navigational elements no matter what browser or resolution.

Profile Picture Size

google-plus-profile-imageThe cover photo allows for a large area to show your stuff, the profile picture allows for your identifying mark – most likely your logo. The size is now smaller and is a circle. If you have a square logo, be sure it is large enough to fill size of the circle. You will be able to tell when you upload the picture

Disadvantages of Increased Cover Size

There aren’t a lot but one I can “picture” is the resolution of the image. Just because you really, really, really love a photo, don’t try to force it in there if it’s not the correct resolution. Blurry picture is baaaad.

Download Google+ Cover Photo Template

To get started, here is the free Google Plus Cover Photo .PSD template already sized to 2120 x 1192. I’d love to see what you create – just leave a link to your profile. Happy cover photo-ing! It’s free but you can pay me in love by adding me on G+ or Facebook.

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4 thoughts on “Google Plus Cover Photo – New Dimensions & Template

  1. Evan Gorman says:

    Thanks for the template!

  2. Jessica says:

    Nice Helpful Content , Thanks !!

  3. Thanks. Too bad they made the profile pic frame a circle. Kinda tricky when you have a circle logo to begin with!

  4. emerge says:

    Thanks! Wonderful Content

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