Google Plus Cover Photo – Picture Dimensions & Template

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Google Plus has recently redesigned there social layer. In doing so you know have the option to change your Google Plus Profile Picture. It’s similar to Facebook’s Cover Photo and template but lets just keep it simple and call it the Google Plus Profile Picture. Before the Google+ redesign, you only had the option of adding 5 thumbnail photos. That option still exists along with the new option to add one long profile picture. Below I have outlined the Google+ profile picture dimensions and even provided a template. Let’s get started.

Profile Picture Dimensions

First, you need to know that a lot of other dimensions you might have seen are wrong. The 940px x 180px is not correct! (okay, kind of is but I’ll explain why it’s not). When you upload your Google Plus profile picture, the size will be cropped to 940 x 180. But I thought you just said that’s not correct? Right – when you save the profile photo, it becomes cropped again to a size of 900px x 180px.

The ‘thumbnail’ profile picture that overlays and sits off to the right is 250px x 250px. However, it has padding of 5px around and 1px solid border (#ccc). The final size is 262px by 262px. This includes that white border area. The Google Plus ‘thumbnail’ profile picture lays 625px from the left.

On the left hand side of the Google+ Profile Picture, it also gets cropped by 11px. However, there is a small triangle that is transparent and will fill and display your profile picture.

Google Plus Profile Picture Template

Of course, to make it easier for you, I’ve created a Photoshop template for the Google+ profile picture. Using this template, you’ll be able design around the ‘thumbail’ portion and get an idea of what will be cropped. No more trial and error!

Happy Creating!

Download Template – Feel free to show me some love on Google Plus!

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11 thoughts on “Google Plus Cover Photo – Picture Dimensions & Template

  1. M Sharp says:

    I’ll admit, this new Google+ layout does look much better although it’s pretty clear their imagination didn’t span further than what Facebook has already been doing.

  2. stephanie says:

    This was hands down the most helpful breakdown of the new G+ profile pic. Thank you so much!!

    One thing I learned the hard way: The thumbnail is not centered vertically over the profile image. Tricky, tricky google! (The top of the thumb is 85px above the top of the larger image.) Hope that helps someone else! 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    Thanks for taking the guesswork out of this for me; it was exactly what I was looking for

    1. Dave Demuth says:

      You’re welcome. Glad to hear all my ‘guesses’ are working!

  4. you made it so simple … and cut through all the clutter. a BIG thank you.

  5. tmcover says:

    Google Plus Covers for new Google Plus profile cover pictures.

  6. Thx for the info…always tough to find it when I need it…also tough to recall those exact dimensions – when I need them…have it now!

    1. Dave Demuth says:

      Monica, glad it helped. Hope you can use it over and over again!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Perfect, thanks for sharing.

  8. Filip Galetic says:

    Indeed, time and again I found the incomplete “guides” to the Google Plus cover image dimensions on the Internet. This one hit the spot!

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