Professional Web Design for Small Business

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For a small business, money can be tight. Often, businesses will spend a few dollars and use a template or hire that inexperienced nephew to get a fresh, new design. It may work for the short term but eventually you’ll need a professional site that represents your business. And this means more dollars out of the pocket.

Importance of Professional Web Design

Your business is unique and trying to separate from competitors. I don’t want to put your logo and content into a template, change the colors, and call it a day. Your business offers something others don’t and your website should display that and stand out from the competition.

Here’s an example from Fusion Vegas that showcases the importance. You’re on vacation in Denver and you’re desperately in the mood for a nice steak dinner. You do a search on Google for best steak restaurants and you get a couple choices (Hey, SEO at it’s finest). Both restaurants have a website and menus available but Restaurant A has a site with high quality images that let you grasp the dining atmosphere. Restaurant B has a couple small images and looks like the same website template design as your barber’s shop back home. Which website appeases you more at the time? Which business are you going to choose. Restaurant A’s website from Aaron Knight | Freelance Web Designer offers a lot more and of course, you’re more likely to pick it to dine at.

Having a professionally designed website will create that trust and bond with the visitor and your business – all through the website. And a website is often the first place of contact between customer and business. Again, it’s important to have a professional web designer help you customize your site.

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