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Get a new website in 1 month for no more than $400!

Affordable Web Design Rates for Small Businesses

Instead of charging a large upfront deposit, I spread out the cost of the new website design. This becomes much more budget friendly. Depending on the scope of the project, this monthly installment ranges from $200-$400/month. AND you still get the a new professionally designed custom website within the first month. While the cost may be inexpensive, there is nothing cheap about the design and implementation. Of course, if you did want to pay upfront, I offer 20% off for paying in full.

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Website Maintenance

What about after the site is launched? Any website maintenance is included in the monthly installment! Once a website is implemented, it can’t just sit there with out being tweaked or edited. A website’s design and functionality is a direct reflection of how you do business. Staying on top of changes and technology will keep your website current. I can help you achieve that.