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How my search engine optimization(seo) service can help you

Like we mentioned, a great looking site isn’t doing much if the audience can’t find it. SEO is about achieving a high rank in search engines when your target audience searches for your product or service. With a high rank typically comes more page views. And although more page views are great, we focus our efforts more on the quality of this added traffic as this is more likely to land a sales lead for your business.

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How do you increase a site’s rank?

Research, Research, Research. Keywords and keyword phrases are important and we spend time learning about your audience and what they’re searching for. Essentially, your website optimization can be broken into two categories – On the Page and Off the Page.

On the page

This relates to each page in your website and the code and content that defines your site and makes it appear on screen. We optimize meta and header tags and validate all code, especially links and images to ensure they are accessible. We check for duplicate content and proper file names and provide a solid internal linking structure and sitemap creation.

Off the page

‘Outside’ of your site, we focus on link-building. As more sites link to your website, your site becomes more popular and important in the eyes of the search engine. We’ll submit your site to internet directories as well as local business listings and classified listings. We recommend you create profiles on social media sites. If you haven’t done so, we can help create these. We then post articles and relevant content regarding your business. All of this social networking contributes to link-building

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